You power hungry greedy fuck , take that rasist icon down!
as greedy men condemned the old testament,
so that now you can be born evil,
not equal, under their fucking god
rasism was born under this shadow of a cross,
it's a bloody heritage: you are either with us or against us
Religon of fear
messiahs martyrs liars
"no gods no masters"!!!!
hungry sheep lead the herd
and they wrap themselves in an ancient lie,
that the cult of the martyr are the defenders of peace
if you let them leed, you'll be forced from your feet
you'll be down on your knees
this cult of cannibals will have their feast
Religion of fear
messiahs martyrs liars

messiahs martyrs murderers

no gods no masters


from Misantropic​/​Eaten Raw Split LP, released June 20, 2014



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Eaten Raw Sweden

Eaten Raw is a hardcore punk band from Umeå, Sweden, formed in late 2010.

Tobbe - vocals
Erik - drums
Emanuel - guitars, vocals
Anton - bass

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